1. How and from where download the application?
You can download the application from Google Play Store on your mobile device or by clicking on the link.

At the moment the application is available only for the Android platform!
2. How do I use the application?
It's very easy to use the application. Download the application, run it, and go to the main menu.

To leave rewievs, rate and add to favorites interesting places, you should register or enter a profile.
To register you need:
- go to the menu item "Registration", which is located at the very bottom of the menu;

- fill in all fields (only with Latin characters!);
- click "Register".

The Login will be executed automatically.

To enter the profile you need to:
- go to the menu item "Login";

- enter the login and password you specified during the registration.

For quick registration and to create a profile, you can access through social networks Facebook and Twitter. Simply select the "Login" menu item and click Sing in via Facebook or Twitter.
3. How to add a place to your favorites?
Click on the star in the upper right corner of the photo.
4. How can I see and leave feedback about the place?
ЧTo see reviews, click on the reviews icon in the upper right corner, located on the same level with the menu.

To leave a review about the place, click on the plus icon in the reviews.
5. How to rate the place?
Click the Rate! button to rate.
6. How to use the search?
Search is carried out by keywords, address or name. For example, if you want to find markets, then in the search simply write "market", a similar search for the address and name. Also you can choose a category and change the search radius to find the nearest place that you are interested in.
7. How to use the discounts listed in the application?
The discounts you see in the application, you can get by showing this application in the place of purchase of goods or services with a discount. Just open the page of the store, restaurant or other place in the app and show to the seller.

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